King Chain With Odin's Spear Gungnir

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Pronounced “GUNG-neer”, Gungnir is god Odin's mighty spear. Created by the dwarves, the most skilled smiths in all of the cosmos, Gungnir is no ordinary spear. It has runes carved on its point with magic increasing its aim and deadliness.

Gungnir is often mentioned as the spear that Odin used to simultaneously stab himself as he sacrificed himself in order to learn more about the runes.

Gungnir is also mentioned in the war between the Aesir's and the Vanirs. At the very start of the battle, Odin hurls his spear all the while shouting, “Óðinn á yðr alla!” (“Odin owns all of you!”).

For the sheer power of his spear, we came up with ODIN'S SPEAR GUNGNIR NECKLACE. Beautifully crafted and definitely a perfect way to pay homage to the Odin god himself.

  Stainless steel
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We are extremely proud to announce the unveiling of our limited-edition designs. With a beautiful build quality, you’re guaranteed a product that is made of top materials & built to the last detail.

  Stainless steel
  High-quality materials
  We ship worldwide

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Customer Reviews

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Rory W.

Very beautiful. Shipping took longer than expected but the necklace is well worth the wait. Will definitely buy again.

Howard Q.

I've been wearing this piece since I received it, and it's even better than I expected. The chain and the pendant are quality and the length is perfect. Great purchase.

Kattie S.


Ocie S.

Excellent, both in quality in possible durability material great quality, heavy with many details.

Elsie R.

absolutely fantastic!! love!!

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